Check this page for resources to complete your project page.

If you have a good idea for a resource, please add it to the discussion tab above.

Copyright / Fair Use rules for images

use the Finding Images online line from Technology Resource wiki from the library homepage

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Time line creator

Since a timeline is one of the requirements for this project, you can create one online here that can be embedded into your space.
To embed your time line into your space....
Copy the Embed Code from your xtimeline account page.
Go to your europeanleaders wikispace page for your leader
Click on edit this page
Choose the TV icon
Paste the embed code into that box
Click save to save the embed code
Click Save to save the page

Embedded Technology

Some sources you can use for creative embedded technology include
which can be used to type text and have animated characters read your script
which can be used to record text and have a picture with a cut out mouth record your message.
The Embedded content link at the bottom of the page will give you other ideas.

Use Google Documents to create a Google presentation slide show.
choose "Documents"
under "new" choose "presentations"

Use the TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE WIKI... to add some style to your wikipage

The Embed content link...will give some more